Blinds, awnings and shutters motorisation and automation

At Davonne Blinds, we know that installing blinds awnings and shutters with automation increase the level of comfort for your home. We are experienced professionals in the field that provide made to order solutions in Sydney. 

Have you dreamed about controlling your blinds, awnings and shutters with a simple touch of a button? Open your eyes. With added sensors and timers connected to a Mobile App, you can program the opening and closure to maximise the enjoyment of natural light and warmth. This means not only convenience but also increasing the energy efficiency keeping the house cooler in summer and warmer in winter. On our Facebook Page we weekly publish our recent works and inspirational pictures.

Main motorisation and automation systems benefits:

  • Increasing comfort and convenience
  • Increasing safety with no loose cords and chains
  • Increasing energy efficiency
  • Impress your guest with a sophisticated automated system

Are you planning to motorise your blinds, awnings or shutters? We only use the highest quality components and offer a market-leading warranty of seven years.

Unlike many of our competitors, we provide a one-stop-shop solution. Our quotations include all electrical installation costs as part of our fixed price quotations. Ask us today about our automation for blinds, awnings and shutters.


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