Are your Blinds Custom Made as required?

All of our Blinds are custom made to fit your measurements and fit your windows perfectly. We don’t sell ready-made products or cut down ready-made products, so you can expect long-lasting, perfectly fitting blinds.

Can we view the products before we buy?

Yes, we display all our different blinds and products at our showroom in Luemeah. Our experienced team will be more than happy to help, and you can complete the purchase at the showroom if you wish.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept the following forms of payment:
  • - Credit Cards – MasterCard and Visa
  • - Cash
  • - Phone Payment – Call our office if you prefer not to enter your credit card details online, and we will process the payment for you.
  • - Direct Deposit - You can choose to pay via bank transfer (EFT) through online banking or at your local branch.
  • Your order will not commence until payment has been received.

How long will my order take?

The manufacturing time will vary depending on the product, and overseas orders will take longer. 
Overseas products do take longer due to the shipping time to Australia.
  • - Plantation Shutters – 5-8 Weeks
  • - Roller Shutters - 2-4 Weeks
  • - Vertical Blinds - 2-4 Weeks
  • - Venetian Blinds - 2-4 Weeks
  • - Roman Blinds – 2-4 weeks
  • - Roller Blinds - 2-4 Weeks
  • - Fly screen - 2-4 Weeks
  • - Curtains 3-5 Weeks
  • - Awnings 2-5 Weeks
The above turnaround times are a guide only.
Times can vary due to stock availability, shipping and transport and the manufacturing days noted here are a guide only. Public Holidays such as Christmas and Easter can affect manufacturing and shipping time, but all efforts are made to keep delivery times to a minimum.
We will endeavour to notify you as soon as possible of any delay or stock unavailability, and we may offer an alternative product that can be delivered sooner.
Orders placed on or after the Christmas close off dates will be ordered as soon as manufacturing recommences. You will find Christmas ordering dates on our website.

Can I change my order?

An order can only be changed within 12 hours of the order being placed (the next business day).

Can I cancel my order?

An order can only be cancelled within 12 hours of the order being placed (the next business day).
Due to the speed of processing and manufacturing, they go straight into production on the business day it is ordered.
Refunds will be processed within 7-10 working days of the written notice of cancellation. Payments will be refunded in the same manner as received, e.g. Credit card or Bank Deposit.

Are your blinds made in Australia?

Our blinds are made, printed and assembled here.

What if I need something repaired on my awning, blind or screen?

Call our office. The company was built on great service. We are dedicated to ensuring that our customers benefit from continuous trouble-free satisfaction and enjoyment for years to come. One of Service Technicians will come to your home to analyse and correct the problem. All of our Service Technicians are factory trained and only use original factory parts where replacement is required.

I've had my existing awning for years. The fabric is now old and becoming discoloured. Can I recover the awning?

Yes. In most cases, awning fabrics can be installed on existing awning frames. We will be glad to come to your home and give you an exact written estimate to recover the awning or drop shade fabrics. We specialise in recovering stationary awnings, retractable awnings or drop shades, even if others originally manufactured them. Awning product fabrics usually need to be recovered at some point, and we will be happy to be your awning company of choice when that time comes.

I purchased a pre-manufactured blind or retractable awning online. Will Davonne install it for me?

No. Due to potential warranty confusion as to product and installation matters, we only install the products that were manufactured by us.

When someone refers to a canvas awning, is the fabric actually made out of canvas?

Not anymore. For over 25 years the awning fabrics have been made of woven acrylic. With acrylic, the thread is solution dyed before it is woven, ensuring long-lasting colour. Acrylic looks and feels like canvas but is more resistant to the elements. Canvas was fabricated from cotton, and the colour was applied much like spray-painting. Cotton would absorb moisture, whereas acrylic is water repellant. Cotton fabrics used to flake and peel over time; acrylic does not. Today's woven acrylic awning fabrics are more durable, colourfast and generally far superior to the old canvas materials.

Is there much difference between the various types of awning fabrics?

Yes, different fibres, weaves, and coatings have very specific advantages and different applications. Some fabrics are breathable; some are not. Some are water repellant but not waterproof. Acrylic fabrics have a rich cloth appearance and are much more colourfast and fade resistant. Vinyl coated fabrics, mostly used on commercial projects, are the most water repellent. Mesh fabrics allow better ventilation and outward visibility. Your awning professional will help you make the best selection.

Where can I view the awning fabric colours?

Contact Davonne, and we will send a knowledgeable consultant to your home or office to view the fabric book in person.

Can I operate my shade product with a remote control?

Yes. We offer remote upgrades at the time of the original estimate as well as long after your awning or shade has been installed. We can retrofit your existing awning with a remote, a remote with a timer or a remote with a wind sensor. We can fulfil your electronic needs with our full product line of motors and electronics.

What is the difference between Galvanized Steel and Stainless Steel nuts & bolts?

Galvanised steel is an anti-corrosion metal that is zinc coated. Galvanised steel does rust where it is has been welded, scratched or overstress. The galvanised coating disperses over time, which also leads to rusting. Stainless steel is somewhat misleading in that it is available in many levels or series of quality. 304 Series Stainless Steel shows signs of rust in some areas located closer to the ocean in 6 months or less. Davonne uses 316 series Stainless Steel to ensure that our product cannot rust under any circumstance. This may not appear to be an issue before you buy your stationary awning, retractable awning or sun screen but imagine having to clean a rust stain bleeding down the side of your wall. This is just one area that Davonne takes the added precaution that comes with the highest quality stationary awnings, retractable awnings and sunscreens in the awning industry.

What about using my retractable Awnings in the wind?

The wind is unpredictable and is a variable force since it can change velocity and direction very quickly. Retractable Awnings, therefore, require additional homeowner attention during windy conditions. In wind-tunnel tests, retractable awnings can sustain straight-on wind forces of over 50 mph. However, winds can come from many directions, and the effect on an awning is very different under varying circumstances. The most potentially problematic condition is a sudden upward gust, and this is particularly unpredictable.

Can I use my retractable awning in the rain?

Retractable awnings are predominately designed for sun protection. In some cases, it becomes safe to deploy an awning in light rain conditions. Retractable awnings have been used in light rain all over the world for over 100 years. The key is to maintain a minimum proper slope or pitch that will allow water to run off the retractable awning without pooling on the fabric cover. The decision to extend or retract an awning in the rain, on any given day, is a question of responsible judgment and homeowners' discretion. Warranty does not cover this type of damage as Davonne has no way to determine if it was preventable.

What is the best way to clean and maintain my window coverings?

Most blinds should be cleaned with a dry dusting method or vacuumed regularly. For deep cleaning, we recommend an outside service that does ultrasonic cleaning of your blind. But as each window covering is very different, we provide a proper cleaning and maintenance instruction packet with every purchase, so you can be sure you are taking care of your products properly.


How much do Plantation Shutters Cost?

The cost of plantation shutters varies widely by the material and the quality of the manufacturing process.

Why would I want plantation shutters for the interior of my home?

Plantation shutters are the most elegant, cost-effective and stylish window light, privacy and ventilation system available. They are a custom, built-in window accent providing maximum flexibility, insulation and control of light, privacy, ventilation using a frame with movable louvres.

What size plantation shutter louvre is best for my needs?

When making your louvre choice, consider the size of the window and the desired effect. The larger windows command the 3.5", 4.5" or 5.5" louvres where the view is paramount; using the 3.5", 4.5", or 5.5" louvres, the eye naturally focuses on the view through the open louvres. The smaller windows prefer the 2.5" or possibly 3.5" louvres where the eye will more naturally "see" the shutter before observing the view.

How many panels do I need in my opening?

We recommend using the fewest panels possible to preserve your view.
Can I fold the plantation shutters against the wall daily?
Please keep in mind plantation shutters are designed to fit an opening. The shutter panels are movable to allow cleaning and access to the window. The louvres are the control mechanism allowing rotation to provide light, ventilation, view and privacy.

What wood do you offer?

We use hardwood, as it resists warping and shrinking. It is one of the lightest hardwoods reducing the chance of sagging in large panels.

How do I determine if I need a frame?

Frames are required for two reasons:
- Lack of depth in the opening to accommodate panels and unobstructed operation of the louvres.
- Uneven opening dimensions. Many openings have adequate depth but have uneven dimensions. For example, you measure the width at the top, middle and bottom of the opening and have a 1/4" difference. If you installed shutter panels (they are perfectly even in dimension) in this opening, you would have uneven gaps between the panels and the window jamb. The "Z" mould framing corrects uneven dimensions by providing a nice even opening for the panels to be installed.

Does wood warp and chip easily?

The choice of quality hardwood, proper milling techniques and a high-quality finish system assure that quality interior wood shutters will not warp; and when used as intended, will not chip any easier than any other shutter material, e.g. poly or vinyl. Should a wood panel be chipped, they are easier to touch up than any other product. Don't be fooled by manufacturers who suggest wood shutters are less durable than poly or vinyl. We offer all three materials, and a quality hardwood shutter is stronger, lighter, offers the best design opportunities and is the most appealing of the materials we offer.

How difficult is maintenance?

Plantation shutters are easily cleaned using a feather duster and a damp sponge or soft cloth. Unlike aluminium and vinyl products, there is no static charge to attract dust.

How do I measure my windows and doors?

Simple measurement of width and height is all we need for a free estimate.

What is the insulation quality of interior wood shutters?

Insulation properties are variable based on louvre size and whether the louvres are open or closed. Wood is the best followed by composite and vinyl having the lowest insulation qualities. Unless you need maximum insulation protection, I will make my choice to buy on quality, budget, louvre size and colour. The difference in thermal protection is not great enough to make it the reason to choose one over the other.

Why should I purchase plantation shutters from Davonne?

The purchase of plantation shutters is one you will live with for many years. We have been in the industry for over 40 years, and have seen several companies come and go. In our opinion, your purchase should be a combination of quality of product and price. We offer a high-quality plantation shutter that is sold internationally and sought after by designers worldwide because of the quality of the product. They know their customers will be very pleased with their plantation shutters. Ordering directly from the manufacture will save you money!

How do I go from viewing the web page to getting an estimate and purchasing one of your products?

Phone us on 1300 727 388 or just complete the CONTACT US section of this web page to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced and knowledgeable professional consultants. It is free, it's fast, and it is worth the time. Our consultant will visit your home and give you a free no-obligation estimate and will work with you to decide on a solution that best meets your needs. Your order is custom made, and it will be right - the 1st time. The last part of this process is the actual installation. Our scheduling department will telephone you directly to schedule a convenient day and time to install your sun control product.

Is an in-home estimate more reliable than a phone quote?

We offer in-home free estimates, phone quotes, e-mail quotes and mailed quotes. Keep in mind that estimates are only as accurate as of the description, sizes and installation details provided. Sometimes, actual requirements can only be established by way of an in-person, on-site assessment. Best results are usually obtained via a free in-home written estimate. This has the benefit of expert counselling on suitable alternatives, measurements you can trust, and pricing that matches the true requirement.


How quickly can I order my security door?

We can usually arrange an appointment for one of our highly experienced security consultants to visit you within a few days.

Who installs my door?

The secret to a superior, long-lasting security door is not just how it is manufactured but also how it is installed. All our doors are installed by our own in house installers who have many years of experience in the industry.

How long will it take to manufacture my security door?

This depends on the type of product you choose and the time of year. We normally quote 2-4 weeks. Rest assured that immediately your door is manufactured it would be fully installed for FREE.

What grade stainless steel mesh do you use?

We only use superior marine grade 316 stainless steel woven mesh. This is the highest rating in our industry.

What maintenance is required on security doors and screens?

Like all external products to ensure your security screens lasts, you need to clean your door/grille regularly to stop contaminants such as salt etc. from building up.

Will my door rust?

No. If you clean and care for your door regularly by following the maintenance instructions & providing you do not live close to the beach

Can you customise doors to any size?

Yes. All of our products are made to measure; we also manufacture porch enclosures for added security.

Is your deadbolt locking system keyed on both sides?

Dial Door security doors are lockable from both sides and have the added safety feature and convenience of an internal snib rather than a key.


Our entire security doors/screens feature a 12-month warranty on construction, locking mechanisms and installation, providing the products are not misused and are maintained correctly.


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