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Aluminium Plantation Shutters

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Aluminium shutters are ideal for outdoors and can stand up to the outdoor elements being constructed from strong T5 aluminium. Our aluminium shutters are powder coated with a high UV coating, ideal for withstanding any weather conditions. Coming in a range of colours they complement outdoor designs perfectly. Discover the many benefits of Aluminium shutters:

  • Aluminium shutters offer an easy way to control light and privacy and can be customised with a variety of options to ensure you get the perfect combination of form and function.
  • Aluminium shutters are low maintenance and easy to clean with just mild soap and water, making them the perfect solution to high-traffic areas.
  • They come in different colours and louvre sizes.
  • When closed, aluminium shutters block the sun’s harmful UV rays, and the synthetic materials resist peeling and cracking.

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