Roller blinds are the classic blind for the home and suitable for literally all rooms. They are highly functional, easy to operate and available in literally hundreds of various styles. Whether it is a contemporary print you require or a blackout for the bedroom or a water-resistant roller blind for the bathroom – there will certainly be a Roller that fulfils your requirements. Traditional roller blinds can easily be made into a work of art – simply chose from the many fabric style including faux suede, luxury prints and stunning textures. You can also add shapes to the bottom and have braiding, pulls and tassels added. For real luxury add poles & finials or eyelets to add a touch of class to your Roller blind. We also offer Roller blinds with special properties such as Blackout for Bedrooms and Teflon coated for say kitchens or bathrooms and UV protection etc.  Also available are sheer Roller fabrics that are a modern alternative to net curtains – for a real touch of elegance for your home. Roller blinds have also importantly evolved in recent times with enhanced systems and the customisation options now available. These include cassette box systems that the roller is enclosed in, with the roller fabric on the fascia of the cassette box or just a white or aluminium box. You can also have this system without any sidewinder chain, making it very child safe. Plus, you can have a pelmet with matching fabric on the fascia.
  • Hundreds of practical fabric styles including blackouts, sheers, wipeable and Teflon coated.
  • Accessorise with shapes, fabric trims, poles & finials
  • Luxury cassette box systems available
  • Modern adjustable chainless tensioned systems allowing you to set the rise speed and stop points.
  • Fabric covered fascia’s / pelmets are also available.

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